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Kokomo Breeze OTF,Open Type Font (normal)

Say hello to Kokomo Breeze - A deliciously bold and nonchalant casual marker font.

Kokomo Breeze was designed to keep a naturally handwritten marker-style look , while still maintaining some subtle inky marker imperfections on its edges , to keep in line with a more realistic, yet very legible look.

Great for headlines, bold branding, classy packaging, eye-catching callouts and stand-out advertising, Kokomo Breeze is designed to be your jack of many trades. 

Be sure to turn on your OpenType features when type with Kokomo Breeze - it’s packed with natural-looking ligatures and alternate characters for both upper and lower case - all of these opentype extras make your type design look mush less mechanical, and much more like naturally formed words as you type.

Pair it with a bold tall sans serif font, or a classy serif to add another whole new dimension to this very versatile marker font.

Great as large and small sizes, Kokomo Breeze is perfect for any size design.

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