Joules et Jacques Duo

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Joules et Jacques Serif Bold OTF,Open Type Font (bold)
Joules et Jacques Serif OTF,Open Type Font (normal)
Joules et Jacques Hand Thicker OTF,Open Type Font (normal)
Joules et Jacques Hand Upright OTF,Open Type Font (normal)
Joules et Jacques Hand OTF,Open Type Font (normal)

Say hello to Joules et Jacques!

A stylish modern font duo consisting of a natural handwritten script and a refined, elegant serif font.

Perfect for making bold stylish statments - or adding a touch of class to your designs.

The script has a multitude of natural looking ligatures in its OpenType features - making the font look as close to natural handwriting as possible.

The Serif includes two weights - regular and bold - and built in OpenType kerning features for a professional touch.

Last but not least, a little bonus addition for your design arsenal - a set of 5 moody textured background jpegs are included to spice up your designs.

Language Support : Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Opentype capable software is require to access these features - The most popular of which is and Photoshop CC, any version of Illustrator, Indesign, Word (new versions). However - many standard simple programs now come with Opentype capabilities - even the most basic ones such as Apple’s TextEdit, Pages, Keynote, iBooks Author, etc.

For a full list see here :

Please note: There is no keymap and or alt files available for Joules et Jacques, which are required or use in Canva.

Download size (Approx): 72.2mb
Joules et Jacques Duo by Nicky Laatz

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