A Handlettered Christmas

On Sale!

A Very Merry Stash of 86 Lovingly hand-lettered Christmassy Vectors :) And so that anyone can use them in any app they have - they come in just about every file form you can think of :) Perfect for Christmas Cards, Labels, Tags, Greetings, Farmhouse signs, wrapping, ornaments, mugs, pillows, totes....and a partridge in a pear tree :)

Scroll down through all the previews to see all the files you get :)

All available as PNG, PDF, SVG, JPEG, Illustrator, EPS and Photoshop Files :)

So go on, stuff your stocking with this little gem this Christmas, you definitely deserve it :)

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas , and a Happy New Year!!

Nicky xx

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